– One of our other obligations for the COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL is working with great friends, staff and team in putting together, designing, building and curating the COACHELLA BOUTIQUE. The Coachella Boutique features Official Coachella Limited edition Merchandise like; T-shirts, Live Silkscreening, Live Painting, Flip Flops, Lunch Boxes, Pillows, etc… by some of the coolest street artist, graphic designers, illustrators out there… Thanks to our great staff, team and to all the great artist for making the Coachella 2012 Boutique the best ever !

– Otra de nuestras varias obligaciones para el COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL es la de supervisar, construir, diseñar y curar la COACHELLA BOUTIQUE junto a un gran equipo de trabajo, artistas y colaboradores. La Coachella Boutique es un espacio dentro del festival donde se pueden adquirir Ediciones Limitadas de Mercancia oficial del evento diseñadas por Artistas, Diseñadores e Ilustradores muy reconocidos. Muchas gracias a todos los artistas, staff y amigos que colaboraron en este gran proyecto.

Coachella Boutique Artist> Angry Woebots, The Beast Brothers, Brandt Peters, Dabs and Myla, Emek, Gary Baseman, Hit + Run, Joe LedBetter, Jon Burgerman, Kii Arnes, Lola, The Loyal Subjects, Luke Chueh, Park La Fun, Phil Lumbang, Poketo, Sket One, Tim Biskup, Toddland, Travis Louie, Us Versus Them.

(Photography> Carolina Castillo)


Creative Director


  1. Rolf

    You did an amazing job. The Boutique was killer and the staff was amazing! Well done, sir. Well done.

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Adam the Second

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