– We got invited to work in the development of the Brand Identity of this amazing and ambitious candy store in Holywood but with a little bit of a twist. When we joine the Sweet! Hollywood candy store team there was a few key graphic pieces already developed. Our job was to join a team of creatives and directors in creating the look and feel of the graphic image around a logo that had already been created. We had the pleasure of designing a few Packaging solutions, Shopping bags, Gift cards, Chocolate bars, Labels, etc.

– Cuando nos invitaron a trabajar en Sweet! Hollywood sabíamos que estaríamos enfrentando un reto algo distinto. Cuando nos sumamos al equipo de esta ambiciosa tienda de dulces el equipo creativo ya había desarrollado algunas piezas claves para la identidad como el Logo. Nuestro trabajo fue sumarnos a un equipo existente de creativos y directores y desarrollar la imagen de la marca alrededor del logo existente. Algunas de las cositas que desarrollamos fueron distintas soluciones para Empaques, Bolsas, Envolturas, Etiquetas, etc.

(Thanks to our amazing team of Friends, Creative Directors, Designers and Collaborators Richard Altuna, Gary Shafner, Gary Gonzales, Mark Leach, Grethel Zarate, Alberto Campos and Kyle Valentic)


Creative Director www.edoardochavarin.com


  1. Wow, beautiful type and graphics. I love the retro theme.

  2. I love the old traditional sweetshop look – 18 months ago, I even decorated my living room with the theme (pink stripy wall and baby blue trimmings!)

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