Stagecoach California’s Country Music Festival takes place the weekend following Coachella at the same Polo field. We have the pleasure of also Art Directing and Designing all the Merchandise for Stagecoach since its first year. Same field, Same weather, Same fun team of friends and talented designers but with a Country music twist.

– El Festival Stagecoach (California’s Country Music Festival) tiene lugar el último fin de semana de Abril en el mismo campo de polo que Coachella. Hemos tenido el gusto de diseñar la mercancia oficial del evento desde su primer año en 2007. Mismo campo de polo, mismo calorcito y mismo equipo de trabajo con grandes amigos y talentosos artistas pero con un toque de música Country.

(Thanks to our always talented team of designers > Alberto Campos, Grethel Zarate and Norman Ibarra. Gracias !!!)edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 5

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 6

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 4edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 7

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 9

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 8

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 10

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 3

edoardo chavarin stagecoach t-shirt 2

edoardo chavarin stagecoach buckle 3edoardo chavarin stagecoach buckle 1

edoardo chavarin stagecoach buckle 2edoardo chavarin stagecoach wallet 1

edoardo chavarin tequila shot glass

edoardo chavarin stagecoach beer 2

edoardo chavarin stagecoach beer 1

edoardo chavarin stagecoach shop rag


Creative Director


  1. Kelly Enrico

    Hi! Is there any way to purchase these items?

  2. Lexie Bliss

    Any update on when these items will be available? Thanks!

  3. Ria Smith

    Is there a way to purchase any of these Stagecoach shirts etc in time for Christmas 2013????? Looking forward to a response…. Merry Days THANK YOU!!!

  4. Carlee

    I really want to order one of these shirts!!!! Are you selling them???

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